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What are the characteristics of PE protective film

As for the * PE protective film, the light transmittance of the material is about 96%, and the transmittance of the inferior PE protective film is below 80%. The low light transmittance of the mobile phone protective film is bound to cause eye damage. The transmittance itself is related to the absorption, reflection and scattering of the light source.

That is to say, when PE protective film is used, whether it is light refraction or reflection, it will produce a little energy loss, thus reducing the light intensity. However, due to the difference of different materials and structures, the energy loss of different light refraction and reflection is also different. Mobile phone film is easy to refract the light on the screen of the mobile phone. Long time staring at it will cause visual fatigue.

The use of PE protective film, to a certain extent, can avoid ciliary muscle often in a tense state, it is easy to cause ciliary body muscle over regulation and lead to eye fatigue phenomenon, and in this regard, it can also prevent the formation or aggravation of myopia. After that, when the protective film is used on the mobile phone, it will certainly affect the display of the mobile phone to a certain extent. Now, many manufacturers of mobile phone protective film in the market publicize that their protective film material has a light transmittance of 97-99%, which is questionable, but it is also a fact that the transmittance of PE protective film reaches 96%.

At present, the materials with high light transmittance on the market are Japanese optical pole protective film substrate, including PE protective film. The transmittance test * is only about 96%. A high transmittance screen protective film material can not only restore the display of the screen, but also protect the user's eyesight and prevent myopia to a certain extent!

PE protective film has very good characteristics. It has good stickiness, good adaptability and solvent resistance. It can be used at room temperature with straight edge and no residual glue. It is suitable for decoration and ordinary industrial shielding. The PE protective film has good adhesion performance, good solvent resistance and weather resistance. It is suitable for use at 150 ℃ with no residual glue and clear color separation boundary;


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