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Commercial progress is an important driving force to promote the prosperity and social development of a country, and a better life is the ardent aspiration of people. Zhengfeng always shares weal and woe with the fate of the country and the nation, and has made a great contribution to the national rejuvenation and social development. Looking forward to the future, Zhengfeng will strive to build a * enterprise which is satisfied with investors, proud of employees and trusted by the public through sustained commercial success, and make new contributions to the promotion of social progress and the realization of national rejuvenation.

Zhengfeng will play an exemplary role in leading business progress from the following four aspects:

Abide by business ethics, maintain market rules, and lead the construction of a good business ecology;

Change the development mode, innovate the business model, and provide successful samples for Chinese enterprises;

Fulfill social responsibility, undertake the mission of central enterprises, and strive to repay the society with practical actions;

To provide, share and contribute to the social wisdom.

Zhengfeng will join hands with customers, employees, partners, society and environment to create a better life

Hand in hand with customers, through the provision of * products and services, continue to exceed customer expectations, continue to create customer value;

Work with employees to help them realize their value and improve their happiness index through rights protection and humanistic care;

We should work together with partners to create a good business environment and create a win-win situation through abiding by business ethics;

Hand in hand with the society, through responding to the call of the state, devote themselves to public welfare, carry forward the mainstream value, and promote the harmonious development of society;

Hand in hand with the environment, through strict compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations, energy conservation and emission reduction, develop circular economy, and build green ecological civilization.

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