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After sales service commitment:

1、 Service purpose:

Since its establishment, Zhengfeng protective film brand has always regarded people as the most important asset and strength of the company. The "people-oriented" management system is the embodiment of the corporate culture pursued by our company, "including supporting our customers and our employees together, their support and dedication to the company is the main factor for the company's success, and the support and trust of customers for us Is based on product quality and service support, we always focus on customer value, our company always want to believe and adhere to sincerity, enthusiasm, responsibility, satisfaction is our company's consistent service tenet. Will provide you with timely and rapid after-sales service.

2、 Product quality commitment:

1. The production and testing of products have quality records and inspection data.

2. For product performance testing, we sincerely invite users to personally inspect the whole process and performance of the products, and then pack and deliver the products after they are confirmed to be qualified.

3. Quantity: each delivery quantity is strictly checked to ensure that the quantity, length, width and thickness are suitable and used properly.

4. Product condition: such as temperature, physical shape or solid content, etc.

5. The preparation of PE electrostatic protective film during field operation can provide high-temperature resistance function if necessary, or it can be applied with cold and hot stickers when laminating. It can be used under different conditions.

6. Fitting speed: it is an important factor to control the cost and quality, and the use speed depends on the automation degree of the process equipment.

7. Packaging steps: strictly follow the operation procedures of the selected production line.

8. Specified quality control requirements: refers to the quality requirements and control methods in the use process.

3、 Product service commitment:

1, in order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the products, the domestic and international materials are selected for the system selection.

2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide you with favorable price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the parts of the products.

3. Product delivery time: according to the user's requirements, if there are special requirements that need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and testing, and strive to meet the needs of users.

4. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

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