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 Zeffer Film is a completely integrated manufacturer of protective film and hot melt adhesive film. We execute every facet of the production process on site for maximum quality control. From formulating our own adhesives, to the coating process, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing and shipping, it is all done under one roof. That is why we can offer the highest quality products at such phenomenally low prices!

Zeffer Film has been supplying protective film and hot melt adhesive film to meet kinds of  protection needs- including custom applications in the metals, plastics, glass, PVC&Aluminum profile, carpet and hard floor etc. The hot melt adhesive film we produce can bond different materials together, such as aluminum and plastic, aluminum and stainless steel,  and multiple wood layers to form aluminum composite panel, galvanized steel plate, plywood, and sandwich panels. Quality is our top priority. Zeffer Film has obtained SGS, MSDS and RoHS quality test certificates. 
Our strict quality controls never allow for anything less! Our protective films won’t ruin or damage your surface and never leave residue on your surface. Our hot melt adhesive film will make the composite materials tightly clinging. Here at Zeffer Film, we take pride in producing products that prove to meet the quality standards of businesses across the globe.
Zeffer Film then adds outstanding service and support of our own including custom slitting to size, and quick order turnaround. Our sales staff and manufacturers' consultants work with our customers to assess their needs and provide advice on the most suitable product for their applications. We help you avoid potential problem areas because we know which products can be used successfully under which conditions. 


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