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Advantages and disadvantages of PVC membrane structure

PVC membrane structure is a special structural system different from the traditional structure. Membrane material is not only the structural load-bearing member, but also the roof enclosure material. At the same time, the membrane material itself is quite good decorative material. Therefore, compared with the traditional structure, the membrane structure has the following advantages:

1. Department of art. Based on the theory of modeling and color, membrane structure can be combined with natural conditions and ethnic customs to build curves and shapes that are difficult to achieve in traditional buildings according to architects' creativity. The changeable supporting structure and flexible membrane material make the building shape more diversified, novel and beautiful, at the same time, it reflects the beauty of the structure, and the color is rich, which can create a freer architectural form and express a richer architectural language.

2. Economy. The weight of membrane building roof is only 1 / 30 of that of conventional steel roof, which reduces the cost of wall and foundation. At the same time, the unique shape and night scene effect of membrane architecture have obvious "architectural recognizability" and commercial effect, and its price-benefit ratio is higher.

3. Energy saving. The membrane material has high reflectivity, low light absorption, and low thermal conductivity, which greatly prevents solar energy from entering the room. In addition, due to the good transmittance (10% ~ 20%) of the membrane material, the translucency of the membrane material ensures the appropriate natural slow scattering light illumination indoor. Building space can get natural diffuse sunlight during the day, which can save a lot of energy for lighting.

4. Self cleaning. The protective coating such as PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) on the surface of the membrane material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and is not sticky. Thus, the dust falling on the surface of the membrane material can be self-cleaning by natural washing of rainwater.

5. Large span and unobstructed visual space. The weight of membrane material used in membrane structure is only 1 / 30 of that of traditional building materials. Due to its light weight, membrane building can not need large span covering space of internal supporting surface, which makes people design and use architectural space more flexibly and creatively. Moreover, the cable membrane structure provides stiffness through prestress, and the high tensile strength of membrane material and the application of high-strength cable should realize free and flexible large-span space structure, so it is especially suitable for the application of stadium and public facilities.

6. Shorter construction period. All processing and fabrication of membrane structure engineering can be completed in the factory according to the design, and only installation work is carried out on site. Compared with the construction period of traditional buildings, it has incomparable advantages.

The artistry, economy and practicability of membrane structure are the reasons for the rapid development of membrane structure. But membrane structure also has its inevitable disadvantages.

1. Thermal insulation and sound insulation of structures. The main problem of membrane structure is heat insulation and sound insulation. The increase of brightness of indoor space will inevitably be affected by sunlight. Therefore, daylighting and heat insulation become a pair of contradictory factors here.

2. Durability of membrane materials. The membrane material is prone to creep, prestress loss and membrane surface wrinkle under continuous tension state, which leads to the decline of the bearing capacity of the whole structure and the failure to maintain the original shape. In addition, under the long-term wind, snow and other dynamic loads, the lightweight membrane materials are prone to vibration, and the stability of the structure will be affected.

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