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The characteristics and types of protective film

If the protective film is divided according to its use, it can be effectively divided into different types. Now the protective film has become a general term for screen protection, and the application field of its products has become different. The earliest one is high-definition scratch proof, and now it is a functional protective film.

In the process of bonding, the adhesive layer of the protective film needs to be in precise contact with the surface of the adhered material, and then flow into the groove of the surface to be adhered as much as possible, which can effectively increase the area of the contact surface, and the higher the peeling speed, the higher the peeling strength of pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The function of the protective film is mainly to put a layer of film on the physical objects. Now the functional protective film includes Ag frosted anti reflective film, anti peep film, AR anti reflective film, mobile phone mirror film and high-definition anti scratch film.

The protective film made of PVC has its own characteristics of soft texture and convenient pasting. However, the light transmittance of such material is not good in the process of use, mainly because the material is relatively thick, which will make the screen look more hazy, leaving a mark of glue on the screen after tearing it off.

After a series of improvements, the PVC material protective film effectively solves the problems of previous thick and poor light transmittance. Such material does not have scratch resistance in the process of use, and obvious scratches will appear on the protective film after using for a period of time.

The protective film of pet relies on electrostatic adsorption, so it is easy to fall off and bubble in the process of use. However, even if it falls off, it can be reused after washing in water. The workmanship and packaging of PET material protection paste are more exquisite.

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